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Writers Workbench Reviewer's Comments

by (unknown company) is a more advanced analysis program.




In order to view their demo you must enter your name and email address. This was annoying but I guess many sites are going to this method today. After this they do have several tutorials that show how the product works. They even have a 45 minute guide on using their tutorials!


Writers Workbench helps you correct grammar and syntax errors plus it offers word or phrase alternatives to improve your writing.

Writer’s Workbench catches spelling and grammar errors than MS Word(and others) miss. The program will check your document looking at each sentence as a whole for clarity, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and misused words. The software also checks for overall organization and style.

It has a total of 27 analysis methods and another 29 options(self tutoring options) you can choose to narrow or expand your analysis. If you need to improve sentence structure, the answer telling you how is a few clicks away.


I can see why this program is more expensive than the others. It has a ton of features. I will forego explaining all of the features. They have tutorials for that. If I tried to explain them, it would take me days to figure out and days more to explain. This is a tool for a serious writer who already knows a lot about the English language and wants it to be perfect.

You are not going to use a piece of software like this to punch up emails or make your blog posts sound intelligent. This is for newspaper writers, authors, and English teachers.


The features which make it a great program are overwhelming for the average user who only wants to make a business letter or report sound less stupid than the next guy's report.


I can see how this tool could be used in writing classes to teach students more about grammar but also fear that students would use it blindly and copy the recommendations without understanding what they mean or understanding the rules behind them. Effectively making the same mistakes over and over, while depending on the program to fix those errors. I suppose the same is true of any similar program as well. It would require a class where the teacher was actively working with students, but in that environment, this would be an amazing classroom tool. This one is so good with recommendations that it seemed too easy to copy and paste without thinking.


You select something you want to analyze, check, or remove from the main screen. Then you revise based on just those elements. You can see that this quickly becomes an involved process. It is very thorough but I did not want to go through 20+ steps just to fix my email to my old college psych professor. I just want to fix the major problems and be finished with it.


Writers Workbench is very thorough and very accurate(as far as my grammar knowledge goes). However it is a huge program and not well suited for casual or daily use unless you are a real stickler for the bestest grammar.

Writer’s Workbench can help you fix common grammar mistakes and less obvious mistakes. It will also offer advice on redundant phrases, over used words, punctuation errors and help to make your document easier to understand.




Writer’s Workbench has a very long list of features, functions, and operations. If you are serious about grammar or you are employed in education, then this is the program you have dreamed about.


Writers Workbench will appeal to English and literature students who do a lot of writing, other teachers, academics and MENSA members. It has a learning curve associated with it, but after playing with it for a while, and going through the extensive tutorials, you can figure it out and unleash the power it contains.


The price is also an obstacle. One of the review criteria was that the software must be affordable. I cannot argue that it is not worth the cost. It is clearly an advanced program which justifies the higher price, however that also makes the purchase out of reach for the casual user. I must say again, this is a powerful tool for those who are religious about their grammar. Unfortunately, the high price is why it was pushed to the number three spot.


RightWriter was the first choice in this review because it was simple, it let me copy/paste, and the analysis was very thorough, it did everything I needed in one step and there was no learning curve needed. Check out the review of RightWriter if you only need a casual use grammar checker.



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