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After much feedback from site visitors I have come to realize that many of you are interested in Work At Home Programs. Also, many of you have been victims of Work-At-Home scams or you purchased a good system that still was not useful because the author left out that one magic element that you must have to make the system work.


I know this is frustrating. I know it not just because so many of you have told me it is frustrating, I know because I am one of those people. I buy lots of these programs but I am not a beginner. I do work from home and I am always interested in learning more about marketing or business. Finally I realized that I should be reviewing the systems I am buying for myself and letting other people know if they are any good, junk, or even fraudulent.


I am not going to review any of the obvious frauds like "Make money processing medical billing" or "Get Paid To Stuff Envelopes" That type of stuff is well documented on the Internet as fraudulent and you can find information on those anywhere. What you cannot find is independent reviews of some of the higher end, more professional information systems like Ad-Words, SEO, eBook selling, Affiliate programs and more.


It is not possible to compare these systems in a side by side fashion like other reviews because each of these is really a world in and unto itself. There is no way to compare an Adwords/Adsense money making system to a real estate money making system.


I hope to turn this section into a full scale collection of money making tools and systems and help you sort out which is worth your money and which is a waste of money.


Rating Criteria

1 Star: Poor quality, rehash of existing information

2. Star: Some content but nothing you could not find or figure out on your own

3. Star: Good content that is either new or is a good all-in-one source which includes auido or video

4 Star: Excellent content that includes new information, custom developed and tested information, good quality presentation with audio and/or video

5 Star: All for 4 stars plus lots of free bonuses and good followup with additional offerings that are not sales pitches


Here are the systems I have reviewed so far


Perry Marshall - The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

Perry Marshall is pretty much THE name in adwords advertising. Anyone giving advice on adwords is usually quoting or copying his information or they made the same discoveries on their own. He offers a number of system and I purchased his $97 system. Find out what I thought of it.


Perry Marshall - Ultra-Advanced Google AdWords Strategies

Perry Marshall has an advanced version of his adwords training system. Is it worth the money?

Dave Espino - EBay Money Making System

The late night infomercial says it all, but not what I have to say .


Wordtracker - Keyword Analysis Tool

To run successful keyword targeted ads using Google Adwords, you need a good keyword tool. Is this the one? Lets find out.



Adsense Decoded - Google Adsense Video Program

Place ads on your website from Google and get paid for every click.



Atomic Blogging - Make Money Blogging

How can you turn a blog into a money making system?

Alex Carroll - Radio Publicity Expert * Guide to free publicity

Do you want massive free and immediate publicity for your book or anything else? Maybe Alex has an answer.

Article Submitter - Automatic Article Submission Software

Everyone says to write articles but what do you do with them? Find out in this review.


BSEReseller - eBooks you can Resell

Sell ebooks, make much money, does it work?


Affiliate Conspiracy By Eric Rockefeller

Affiliate Basics or more hype?


Work At Home TV Commercials - Freelance Profit Key Course

The great promise of make money at home. Is it possible? I found out the answer.


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