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I have been looking for a great keyword analysis tool for as long as anyone and have yet to find one.


I, and every other marketer on the web, wants to know what people are searching for on Google.


When you advertise on Google Adwords, you need to know which keywords are popular. What are people searching for and what are they not interested in. Google does not tell you what is popular. Which gets more searches Beekeeping or Quilting? If you are thinking about starting a new beekeeping how-to website, then you need to know if anyone searches for beekeeping or not.


What you need is a tool that tells you what people are searching for on Google. No such tool exists. We do have some related tools that tell you what people are searching for on other sites and search engines which 'should' be similar.


WordTracker is one of these keyword tool sites. It lets you put in a term, then tells you how many searches on THEIR MONITORED network show searches for that term and related terms.


What this tool is great for is

  • Finding word combinations you never thought of
  • Finding word combinations you want to screen out of your adwords campaigns
  • Idea surfing(finding new markets you never thought of as related to your terms)


Something I really liked was the 7 day free trial. It gives you a chance to see how well the site works for you. It was also very easy to cancel. Some websites offer a free trial and then make you dance a jig and count backwards from 100 while standing on one foot to cancel. Not Wordtracker, they put a conspicuous link right on your login page that says Cancel Free Trial so it is easy. I liked that.


They offer a seven day video series which explains how the system works. It was worth signing up just to see the videos. They had some good information about adwords too. (Hint, you can view all the videos the first day, just change video1 to video2 etc and you don't have to wait for the daily emails.)


When you login you can access a search page and several other features. After using the system for a while I found the keyword suggestion tool to not be very useful. This is a tool that takes your word or phrase and makes suggestions for related words based on a thesaurus and on similar words in websites that use your key phrase. So if you are interested in 'adsense' it might find 'adwords' appears on many websites that talk about adsense and offer that as a suggestion. However, it suggests obvious words that I had already thought of or words completely unrelated to my original search so I never used this feature.


I did use the main keyword analysis tool. At first it seemed great. I put in a keyword and got a ton of popular searches using my word or phrase. There were several options so I could search for any order, keyword only, exact phrase, exact phrase in a larger phrase, plurals, etc. In the end, I never used any of these. I found that when I searched, I searched for a single keyword or two words. Anything more complicated was unnecessary and would return too few results.


After almost a week of searching on Wordtracker and testing with Adwords I realized the numbers in WordTracker have no relation to the real world. I do not know exactly where these numbers come from but I cannot believe they are correct.

For example, I searched for the phrase 'money making system' and it showed that only 19 searches are made for this phrase every day. Then third down the list of most popular terms is online money easy money auto wealth system money making with seven searches. I find it hard to believe that 7 people search for this exact term every day.


I continued and tried a search for 'movie extras' and saw that 'police movie extra jobs' was searched 7 times a day and variations were searched too totaling 25 searches per day. This gave me an idea for an eBook so I put up a Google Adword ad to see if there really was interest. After 2 days I had zero impressions. That means no one actually searched google for the words 'police movie extra' but it is shown in Wordtracker as being searched 7 times a day.


I tried this with several other terms, some showing popularity of hundreds of searches a day and when I ran the ad on google, I got zero impressions. That does not mean no one clicked my ad, that means my ad was never displayed because no one searched for the term. I checked in advance and some of the terms had no competitors or only one competitor who often had a poorly setup adwords account that was catching one of my 3 words and was unrelated to my search.


I kept trying and found that in some instances Wordtracker showed 100 or more daily searches for bizarre phrases that you know no one searched for like 'thank you for ordering from escodido'

Who would ever search on that term? There is clearly something else going on with this database and it has some inaccurate information.


I have a successful adwords campaign already running and I have one specific keyphrase which has 1883 impressions on google search(not content network) every day. I know that is the correct number because I get it from Google and it is fairly consistent. According to Wordtracker, there are only 136 searches for this specific keyphrase everyday. So 1883 real searches versus 136 reported by Wordtracker. My keyphrase is very popular but according to Wordtracker it might not be worth running a Google ad with so few searches. If I depended on these numbers i might not have an ad for this keyphrase which would be a mistake because it generates a lot of money for me.


After a few days I came to realize the Wordtracker information was simply not accurate enough to trust the numbers when setting up or even researching Google Ads. You will have to come up with an idea, run an ad, and see how many search impressions you get to really see if it is popular. Wordtracker may show a term is popular when no one ever searches it.






I tried the 7 day free trial and cancelled. I was surprised to see that when I cancelled it just said Thanks, your account is cancelled. There was no feedback option. Normally you expect a webstie to want to know why people cancel. Most of the comments will be meaningless but one good one can really help a website owner. No request for my comments but that is OK, because you can read them here, in detail, unedited.


No explanation of KEI and what makes a good or bad KEI and it did now even show KEI which is something I would have expected from a keyword tool.


Inaccurate numbers which cannot be trusted. You can search on a term and see it is very popular in Wordtracker listings but in reality it may have few or no searches. You may pass over a term that is shown as unpopular when in fact it may be very popular. You simply cannot trust the numbers.





Wordtracker is best used as an idea machine. Put in your test keyword or phrase and see what results come up. It is very useful for that and I use the free part all the time. The numbers showing the number of searches per day are way off and I would never trust them. Any term on the page could be as popular or more popular than the top rated term so don't omit any. The page is good to find keywords to avoid. If you are selling Widgets and a search reveals a lot of people searching for Naked Widgets, you can add Naked as a negative keyword in your adwords campaign because those searchers are not your customers and will only cost you money when they click your ad.



Final Result


The Wordtracker site is useful to find related keywords and phrases and to see what popular terms may exist but it is not complete and the numbers cannot be trusted. It does offer a free 7 day trial and the educational videos make it worth signing up so you have nothing to lose from giving it a whirl.


7 Day Free Trial At WordTracker


Try the Free Version of WordTracker


You can also find the same information for FREE at nichebotclassic.com. This is the exact same information in the pay service but without the fancy search options. I checked and the numbers are identical for a search plus it even says on the page Powered By WordTracker. I use this tool a lot too.

Nichebotclassic.com free keyword analysis


You may find that Wordtracker suits your needs better than it met mine. If so please let me know. If I missed something then let me know that too.

Wordtracker was awarded 3 Boxes out of 5 because it is a useful tool, the 7 day free trial makes it worth trying out, the free version is also very useful and I use it regularly, it is easy to cancel the free trial, and I think it will be a useful tool to anyone setting up adwords or just trying to find out if a product would be popular before making it. I will use the free version and free Nichebot Classic instead of paying $59/month. I just don't see the value when you cannot trust the numbers.


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