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Ultimate Speed Reader Reviewer's Comments

Ultimate Speed Reader by SuperKids Educational software is our third choice. This is the second best software deal for those who want to learn speed reading without spending much money. Many believe that a lower price means lower quality, but that theory doesn’t hold true in this case. Ultimate SPeed Reader simply uses an older, yet still powerful, software training system.

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Ease of Use:
This product is simple to use and easy to navigate. (Though not quite as simple as Speed Reader-X or EyeQ.)

Feature Set:
This software looks a bit dated and feels limited but covers the basics. Unfortunately it seems a bit behind the times when compared to our top two choices.

Ease of Installation:
Installation took a couple of tries. We received a missing file error and had to re-install. The software is only available on CD which looks like a home made burn. Once it completed we received a windows warning message every time the software started. The software did function but the errors were annoying.

There is no telephone support. When we emailed asking a simple support question we did not receive a reply witin 48 hours(or at all).

Ultimate Speed Reader covers the basics but that is all. Nothing extra although it does cover the basic training routines well. The software teaches eye movement using the standard cursor movement methods.

Ultimate Speed Reader is an effective teaching tool because the software covers the basics and gives you the chance to practice. Practice is the most important part of learning speed reading techniques.

The Ultimate Speed Reader method encourages the user to increase reading speed in a variety of ways. A typical training session lasts about 30 minutes, and begins with 'Reading Warm-Ups,' which are essentially limbering drills for the eyes and brain. Moving on, the user strengthens 'Eye Movement' skills by following along with highlighted text that tracks at targeted speeds, as does the 'Newspaper Reading' section which features columnar text. I liked the newspaper section, it really seemed useful. 'Paced Reading' includes longer reading passages at a preset pace, and 'Timed Reading' offers timed sessions so the user can monitor his or her progress. Having worked through these arduous reading tasks the user is rewarded with the 'Eye Max Game', in which s/he matches a central figure to its twin among four peripheral figures. The figures flash at ever increasing speeds, moving farther from center with each challenge level.

This program is clearly aimed at older users. The text used for practice sessions is far too sophisticated for kids younger than middle school. Even I found it difficult in places.

The games and drills were a balance between boring and pointless. After practicing several minutes I was fatigued and unsure if I was getting anything from the exercises other than a headache. The software also gives tests on the material to test comprehension. After using other products this one seemed basic. The tests were pointless because, as I learned from other products, speed comes first, comprehension later. They are testing based on something that you have not actually learned yet.

Some of the information about speed reading was questionable and in conflict with other systems.




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