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Sony ICD-B300

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Note this unit has been discontinued but similar models with more memory are still being sold.


This recorder is poorly designed, the erase button is where the record button should be and the record button requires you to look at the unit to find it every time since there is no tactile feel to it. Recording is absolutely silly, whoever designed this unit clearly never tested it. You have to find the record button by looking at it, press record then when you press record to stop it only pauses so you wind up with a long message.

If you press the big stop button by the record button it plays your message back to you which is very annoying. You have to press record then press this tiny stop button in between the forward/reverse buttons. It is unbelievably poorly designed. There is no way to use it for notes without becomming frustrated. Then when you do press the tiny stop button instead of the big stop button it pauses for 3 seconds before it beeps to acknowlege you stopped recording? Why? Another annoyance feature. The manual makes a big deal about 'you do not have to hold the record button' but that should be a user selectable option. I want to hold the record button and release it to stop. That is a common sense feature for a digital voice recorder but this unit will not work that way. Next time sony should test their product before selling it.


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