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Sony ICD-B100

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Note this unit has been discontinued but similar units are still available. See below to see why it was discontinued.


I purchased one of these and really liked it at first. It has a good design and the right features at a good price. Unfortunately it went to market untested. After you record 10 or so messages the middle of some messages drops out. If you are recording a phone number, when you play it back it sounds fine, then you record some more notes and get back to the office or home and play it again and you get "call mary 555(blip) 1" The middle of the recording is gone!

I thought I had a bad unit so I returned it and swapped for another unit. I was excited because I really like the way the erase button worked but, the next day when I had 30 messages recorded, again the middle dropped out. This occurs on 5 out of 40 messages which is way too much. This is a big headache. If you have one, the trick is to delete messages that you can delete then the middle of the bad messages will magically play again.


This unit is buggy and should never have been released. Dont buy it!


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