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I have been using Google Adwords(the paid ads on the right side of the google search page) myself for years and I never really thought about improving my ads. I mean, what is there to improve, it is a few words. How much can you improve it. People click it or they don't. How can I do anything to change that? I had thought about improving my AdSense campaign(the Google Advertisements you see on websites and on the left side of this page) but again I said to myself, what is there to improve? Either you have a zillion visitors or you don't. and if you don't. then you cant make money. I was really uneducated at that time, it is embarrassing to look back now.


Google Adwords is the method you use to advertise a website or product. How do you get visitors to your website when no one knows about it? Adwords is the way to be listed on Google without having to be number one in their organic listings.


One day recently, I was listening to a marketing teleseminar where the subject of Adwords came up. The host mentioned Perry Marshall and in a two sentence summary(I don't. remember what it was) he basically said this was the guy who knew how to improve your traffic by a whopping amount. Right then I decided I needed to know more. This might be the way to promote new websites after-all.


I went to Perry Marshalls website and started looking around where I found the Google Adword link, then he offered a 5 day free class in adwords. I signed up and received the first issue seconds later. This issue really had some good information and I was convinced this guy had something to offer. I immediately went back to his website and started looking through what he had to sell. First there was an eBook. I don't. care for ebooks, I hate reading long passages at the computer. The next was an ebook plus audio for $99. That was more in line with what I wanted because he offered a lot of audio content. The next was a 3 payments of $249 package of CD's which included even more. That was a little out of my budget especially when I did not know much about this guy yet.


I bought the $99 package and it was available as an immediate download. I listened to the audio and it turns out there really is a lot of useful information. (Don't. get your knickers in a twist, I am not selling this system and it is not all roses but I am starting with the good)

Yes, the audio program explained a lot about adwords that I did not know. Much of it seemed simple but I had been running ads for years and not done much of what he said to do. For example, I created a long list of keywords I thought were relevant and dumped them in my Adwords account. It turns out that was a mistake and it has been costing me money for years. Perry recommends a much more targeted approach. Also he explained how to properly do split testing. Again, I thought you just threw up an ad and it flew or it didn't. It turns out simple changes make a big difference and split testing, which is very easy to do, will tell you which ads work and which don't. Does your ad with Fast generate more clicks or sales or does the one with the word Easy generate more sales? Split testing is the only way to find out and if you don't. do that then you may be losing sales. Perry continued in the audio and ebook program explaining several other ideas which are very useful and the logic behind them is common sense, you don't. need a long technical explanation. When he tells you to stop putting your hand on the hot stove eye, it suddenly seems obvious why and you cant believe you were doing it the hard way before. When he tells you how to split test and how it works, you cant believe you were not doing it before(but I wasn't and I should have been).


He also explained a number of features in Adwords that are critical like Analytics and Conversion Tracking. I had seen these tabs but paid little attention to them because I did not understand them. Once Perry explained what they were and how they worked I immediately implemented both and now I know which ads are working, which are not, which webpages are taking hits, which are not and so much more. I actually have enough information from google now to make decisions about what to change and what to leave alone.




Perry's system does contain a lot of great information but I would be remiss if I did not give all of my impressions.


Perry has registered a domain which is an affiliate link to He recommends this site in almost every teleseminar. I tried this site(reviewed separately) and was less than impressed, however it did not cost me any money so not a big deal. I know he wants to make affiliate commissions but I don't. think it is a very good tool.


Some information was not included which I would have liked to know more about. He talks a lot about finding niche markets and gives examples but when doing it myself with, I really didn't. find the opportunities that I expected. I am sure he has to hold something back for consulting clients or maybe this information is in the $397 package, but I needed a little more hand holding because my first test campaigns fell far short of what I expected.


My existing adwords campaigns are much improved, costing me less per month because they are more targeted now, but starting a new campaign that is successful is not something I have accomplished yet. I am going to keep trying because I see other people doing it and I know there is a way to make it work.


It occurred to me that I could also use adwords to promote other sites and I have used it a number of times to jump my visitor count in order to test new products, split test webpages to see which gets the best results and much more now that I really understand how adwords works.




If you want an example of how to run a smart marketing campaign, just sign up for any of Perry Marshal's email notifications and he will send you daily emails which are all valuable examples of marketing methods. Pay attention to how he markets, that is the smart way to do it.


Don't. expect to buy this course for $99 and start raking in $1000/day. That is not what this is about. This is a tool in your marketing toolbox that will help keep your money making machine(your website marketing) running and running efficiently. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.



Final Result


The Perry Marshall $99 system receives 5 boxes out of 5 because it is full of very useful information for anyone running Google Adwords campaigns and this is important information that can easily make or save a serious adwords advertiser money. I only bought the $99 kit but I am thinking about going back and buying the $99 Ultra-Advanced Google Adwords package or the 3 payments of $249 Traffic Conversion seminar package to see what other secrets he has for me. Only one could be worth the price if it can increase my income from adwords a small amount.


I Highly recommend you sign up for Perry's free 5 day adwords course. It has a lot of good information plus you will learn a lot about marketing watching how he does it.


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