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Perry Marshall $99

Ultra-Advanced Google AdWords Strategies

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I had already purchased and reviewed the The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords with audio for $99 so I was anxious to review the Ultra Advanced system which is also priced at $99. It is described as


The full Ultra-Advanced seminar in a clear, high-quality MP3 with all handouts, exhibits and a complete 87-page transcript, available right now. And to get up to speed, you get Perry Marshall's “How to Profit with Google AdWords” covering the most important basic-to-intermediate AdWords strategies. Price: $99.95


Just want to make sure we all know which system I am reviewing.


I was excited to see the download page pop up immediately and I downloaded everything.


I went to my download folder and clicked the first mp3 file. I was disappointed to hear that it was a file I had heard before. It is actually the exact same file included with the Definitive Guide. There are 8 total mp3 files included and 4 of them I already had. This is not a good start for a $99 package. If these had been a bonus that would be different but these were apparently part of the package. The Definitive package did include a number of other audio programs and handouts that were not in this package but I don't like buying one expensive package and getting files, then buying the next up expensive package and getting the same files. I feel like I am shorted 4 hours of information that I already paid for in a lower package. It really feels like I got half what I paid for since I already had half of the teleseminars.


Well, I persevered and listened to the next 4 files which were Jason Potash teleseminars. Again, I was disappointed. I paid $99 for this package, 4 files were already in the beginner version, and the remaining 4 were from someone else's teleseminar/webinar and are not really even Perry's? If Perry had done an introduction saying "I selected this because..." or "This is a secret seminar for private high paying clients ..." I would have felt better about the money I spent. At this point, we are still on shaky ground. The introduction to the webinar does say this is the ultra advanced information so I am hoping things will improve.


When Perry started talking, the first thing he mentioned was Overture. I immediately knew this was old information. Checking the pdf files showed it was from 2004. I just paid $99 for an Ultra Advanced class and now I find out that it is old information. As he continued to explain the differences between Overture and Google, I started to wonder if I should fast forward because this meant nothing to me. He continued to talk about AFF coding of ads, which is also outdated information.


When I listened to the Definitive program, I was constantly saying "I didn't know that" and I was making notes on things I needed to change with my ads. By the end of the first Ultra-Advanced recording, 50 minutes, I had not made any notes, there was a mention of adsense as a reference but I didn't feel it was important enough or maybe I didn't understand enough to see why I should even make notes on it. By the end of the program there were only a few new ideas but nothing big and it was all in the last 30 minutes of the final audio mp3.


Something I expected to hear, which I did not, unless I missed it in the Definitive guide, was the trick of using a call-to-action in the URL. That was not mentioned in the Definitive guide but I expected to hear about it in the ultra advanced guide.

Another advanced technique I came up with is to register a short URL, then use sub domains for testing. Register and now you can test domain names, url's, change them instantly and you never have to register or setup a domain until you find one that works. So you can setup your own and if it works then you can buy, or change it in 2 minutes and test and if it does not work, then you have not purchased a domain you will never use. I was hoping for more tricks like that in the Ultra Advanced system but there were none. This way you can setup domains you cannot register like when you could never register or you avoid registering 20 domains only to find that the last one works. There were no such tips or tricks in the entire Ultra Advanced program.


At one point Perry says Google does not allow separate bidding for Content and Search clicks, but again this is outdated because you can make separate bids now. So how should you set those bids, how do you maximize your campaign with that ability? That was not part of the Ultra Advanced system because the information was outdated.


I did like the Pay Per Click Swipe File pdf which was included. This had some good new information. There should have been an audio file with it so you could listen and follow along but even without that this still had some good examples and information that was new. I still would have liked to see more discussion and explanation of these ads even if it was only some of them reviewed with test results, it would have been helpful.


The PDF files all had passwords. I don't understand why, especially when they were all the same. If I had a website distributing PDF files and I did not want them distributed, I would use my URL as the password but that is just me.


The 15 step google ad writing tip sheet was also useful and I printed that out.


I also expected the Ultra Advanced system to go into details on google image ads, video ads, and other ad options and applications that were not discussed in the Definitive guide. There was some mention in the 15 page Advanced Copywriting Tips pdf of image ads but only a mention. This file had some good points but it was all stuff included in the Definitive kit too. Other than this short short mention, there was no advanced discussion of image ad tips and tricks.


In the second half of the audio program(last 2 files) actual campaigns were reviewed. This was good and I liked the analysis but there was not nearly enough of it, actually only one hot seat example was shown and discussed with suggestions.





Half of the audio was included in the Definitive guide which left only half of the audio program as actually part of this system. The information in the new part was mostly a rehash of the Definitive system.





There was some new information in the kit but I don't believe it was worth the money for a hand full of tid-bits. If you have never listened to the Definitive kit, then this may have a lot of useful information but you will also be missing some of the Definitive kit information.


This makes a decent refresher but if you already have the Definitive guide, you can just re-listen to it.


Perry should drop this program, add the 4 audio files to the Definitive audio system, create some new, updated content for the Ultra Advanced system(some real advanced information, not a rehash of Definitive guide).


Since I already had the Definitive guide, I did not think this package was worth the money or the time it took to listen to it.



Final Result


The Perry Marshall $99 Definitive system received 5 out of 5 because it had a lot of good information. The Ultra Advanced system reviewed on this page received 2 out of 5 because it really had nothing new. It was a rehash mostly of Definitive Guide information and had no advanced topic discussions, no banner or video advertising discussion. The information was good, but not what I would consider advanced or ultra-advanced. The Definitive guide with audio is a much better deal and you get a lot more with it plus you get half of the Ultra Advanced program with the Definitive audio set.


If you are looking for a package to buy, go for the Definitive system with audio.Once you have that system, there is no reason to buy the Ultra Advanced system. If you have the Ultra Advanced system only, get your money back and buy the Definitive system.


I Highly recommend you sign up for Perry's free 5 day adwords course. It has a lot of good information plus you will learn a lot about marketing watching how he does it. The Definitive guide with audio is also a great resource, but avoid the Ultra Advanced system.


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