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Panasonic RR-QR-160

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Panasonic RR-RQ-160 Reviewer's Comments


Note this unit has been discontinued but similar models with more memory are still being sold.


This Panasonic is a very nice unit especially for the price. The voice quality is excellent, much better than the sony I had. The buttons could be placed better but they are very usable and I can find the record button without having to look at the unit which is important when making notes while driving. The play button should be on the side, it is too easy to accidentally press when it is in a pocket or a purse.The big button on the front is the play/forward/reverse/stop button. This is much too easy to accidentally press. It is quite embarassing to pick up something or turn the wrong way and suddenly a little voice starts giving away your grocery list to everyone within ear shot.

The sony erase button would play the message repeatedly until you pressed erase again to delete it. This was a great feature for going through notes. The Panasonic lets you press and hold then press to confirm which is OK, better than the olympus that took ten button presses to erase every recording.

Overall I like this Panasonic, especially for the price. I think I will be using it for a long time to come.


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