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Magic Speed Reading Reviewer's Comments

Also called "Speed Reading Is Not Magic"

Magic Speed Reading Screenshots. Not yet available.

The documentation presented the same basic information as the other programs. It also claims you do not have to practice the techniques. This makes me wonder why you need the software. Then I tried it and realized it was basically the same as other software offering a moving cursor to practice reading techniques. The documentation seemed a little confused about what you were going to be practicing. If I had not had the benefit of reading a book on speed reading first, I would not have know what speed reading required or how to use it from this software. The documentation says "Remove 50% of letters and you will read the text." that is an exact quote and I did not edit anything in it. Some of the advice in the documentation sounds like it was made up. It is supposed to train you but is not clear on what you are learning/practicing. You need to know something about speed reading and how it works before using the software.

The author was unable to answer simple questions about the software when we contacted him by email but did respond.




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