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This was the last and best unit tested. It is lighter than the other two units tested. It has all of the desired features and the included software is complete. I hesitated to even test an HP since they had previously used some of the worst software across their product line, but this unit has new software that actually works. It has lots of features and quick scan button options that allow you to define types of scans for documents(for example you may want to scan documents at 150dpi and to PDF files) and images(for example you may want all images scanned at 300dpi and saved as tiff files). You can custom configure each type without having to change them when you change document types.

The unit itself is fairly well built. It would never stand up to heavy use but for a home office it works well. The ADF(auto document feeder) works very well. It reliably loaded over 500 pages and scanned everyone with no problems. The tray is limited to 100 pages at a time but you can keep slipping pages in under the last one for larger scan jobs.

The fax feature works without a hitch and so does the copy feature. They are very intuitive, place your document on the glass, press fax or scan, enter the phone number for faxing and press the Start button. It will copy in black and white or in color depending on which of the two buttons you press. When a cartridge is low it will tell you on the display. It only tells you the right or left cartridge but you can see which one is out when you open it up. There are no chips that force you to buy new cartridges so you can use a refill kit.

The quality of scans and copies is very good. As good as you can expect from any similar scanner or printer and more than adequate for the home office.

I really liked the ability to scan multi page documents into a single PDF file. I have converted a number of old manuals into pdf's and it was easy.


The HP 5160 receives 4 boxes out of 4 because it is available at a great price, it has all of the needed features and the ADF worked.


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