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What is Grammar Correction Software?

Have you ever turned in a report or posted to a message board and later realized the first sentence made no sense at all? Now you are embarrassed or even worse receive a poor grade, or lost a business client because they think you are stupid.


Maybe you put up a web site and months later someone told you about a mistake on the page that made your site look really bad.


That happens to me all the time. We miss little things or become sloppy, or simply forget all of those grammar rules we supposedly learned in English class.


That is where Grammar Correction software comes to the rescue. We are all familiar with spell check software. It is built into most word processors and highlights words that appear to be misspelled. Grammar Correction software works the same way, but it finds less obvious mistakes. Split infinitives, incorrect pronouns, plural-singlular disagreement, misplaced commas, missing parentheses and other rules I did not even know about.


It is always the one thing you miss, that everyone else sees. Believe me, they see it, whether or not they actually mention it to you is another matter.


If you ever hoped to find a piece of software that would make you look smart, this is it. Grammar Correction software will proof-read anything you throw at it, tell you what needs to be fixed, and make you look like you graduated Summa Cume Laude.


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What to Look for When Choosing Grammar Correction Software


We picked four of the top programs for this review. There are other programs out there but these are the biggest and best known. The criteria we used was based on which was the most accurate, the easiest to use, the best features, and price mattered too.


The software must be accurate. If it misses obvious errors then it is not useful.


We wanted software that was easy and fast. If it could not be used quickly, then it is unlikely that anyone would use it as often as they should.


We also wanted software that did more than hi light errors. It had to make suggestions and name the actual problem. Just hi lighting a problem area and saying there was a problem was not acceptable.


That is a fairly short list of needs. Accurate and easy to use. With this checklist in hand we started testing.

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