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I am sure you have all seen the commercial with the furry fox pushing some kind of make money scheme on TV several times. When the Freelance Profit Key commercial came on I immediately had flash backs of that fox even though it was not the same company.

I already had experience with these kinds of schemes and did not care much about what was being sold at first. Most of these types of tv commercials offer you something for free(like how to make money on ebay or setup a website and make a zillion dollars, or buy from our warehouse of crap and resell to people dumber than you for a huge profit), then when you try their scheme you fail, the company wants to sell you high priced mentoring or consulting services to help you pay them $1000 for nothing is what happens. If you have been taken in by the slick fox then you know that one was nothing more than a scam. They give you a free kit which you have to pay postage to receive, you cant just download it. Then it gives you some general advice but nothing usable. Then they start harassing you by phone to sell you a $250 mentoring course. Now you see how they make their money. It is a pretty old story, offer nothing, then sell something expensive to those who do not know any better. I always thought these marketers were stupid. Look at Treudo's late night infomercials. He sells junk and stays in trouble with the FTC. What an idiot. If he, or these other people took a week to develop a decent product they could sell more and actually help people.


For instance, in the fox commercial the testimonials are fake. How do I know this? because the blonde girl holding a baby claiming "I made $5000 yesterday" also appears in other commercials so she is an actress. Now, when I went to the Freelance Profit Key site, I saw a bunch of testimonials, actual people on video. That immediately caught my interest. If it had been one or two I would have said "yeah, this guy's family made videos for him" but these were clearly not related people and they were from around the world. So now I am curious.


When I saw this commercial for something called the Freelance Profit Key course. I suspected it was the fox hiding in a new hole but when I checked their website it was totally different and is run by a totally different company called Elite Minds Inc which actually sells mostly educational products.


And, being an online marketer myself I wanted to see HOW this new one for the Freelance Profit Key Course worked so I checked the system out.


I am usually skeptical of any make money, get rich, buy houses for zero down, setup a website and be rich overnight claims. No, I am not skeptical, I know they are frauds. None of those claims can be reproduced.


I looked for the catch but it turns out they have everything spelled out pretty well on the website. Granted, they don't say exactly what 'freelancing' is, but I hope in this day and age the average person already knows. I am still hooked and want to know more. What are all these people so happy doing. I click the button. What they are offering is a video course which explains how freelancing works, how to get jobs, how to get paid more than other workers and where to find the jobs. Now I am wondering if this is a come-on to sell me a $1000 mentoring package and if I am paying to watch an infomercial. I have fallen for this on eBay. Some guy on ebay was selling a dvd on 'how to make your own infomercial for pennies' on ebay and when you buy it for 9.99 you get an infomercial about how to hire his service. So I was still cautious.


I bought anyway and found out the Freelance Profit Key course was actually a very complete course with three different instructors. Each has his own section of videos which are very thorough. One shows you the step by step approach as he explains it and you can see what he is doing on the screen to make money. The next instructor talks about the more advanced ways of making money and the final instructor reviews and fills in some gaps in his video series.


Now you may be wondering how the Freelance Profit thing works. I don't think the site will mind if I reveal their secret. This is not like those commercials where they want you to resell their catalog of junk products or where you have to setup a website or buy a house for $5 and sell it to someone walking down the street for $500,000.


No, the freelance system is totally different. What they teach you to do is to bid on short term jobs which are posted by actual companies and there are thousands of jobs listed every day. You do not have to sell anything through a website.The course actually has great information that will help you get jobs at these companies and shows you how to convince the company that you should be paid more because you can do the job better.


It was really a good course and I think it can help a lot of people. It is also a good example of what these other marketers are doing wrong. They offer junk and charge outrageous prices for worthless mentoring. The Freelance Profit Key course charged a reasonable price for their video trainers, which were quite well made and full of useful information. It is also a perfect way for someone to make money from home. Some of the jobs take computer skills, basic stuff like making video or audio recordings, or using software like photoshop, but some are basic data entry, proofreading kinds of things. The course also provides more information on how you can improve your skills and that opens up even more jobs to people who may have limited computer skills when they start the course.


Now I expected to start receiving phone calls pushing a $250 mentoring course. But that never happened. Then I went back and realized they never even asked for my phone number!!! I did not notice that at first but I was now more impressed because I knew I would not receive any telemarketing calls.


They offer a newsletter for members only which is only available when you login to your member area. I signed up for it. Again, expecting a bunch of make money at home offers. No, it actually provided more information. Apparently they had a bunch of stuff they forgot to put in the videos or that for whatever reason did not make it in the main course. They send these in dribbles every 2 or 3 days. But then they also go beyond that and offer more training courses. The prices are good for these extra courses, nothing outrageous considering the content and quality. I thought this was the really valuable part. Even if someone has limited computer skills, they have a package of courses which you can pick and choose from. These courses teach things like how to create graphics, how to become an SEO expert, how to do professional voice over work at home and about ten more. These are all tied directly into the freelance idea too. If anyone joins their video class but does not have the skills to do even basic computer work, they can use these follow up courses to gain the skills they need. No one has any excuse not to make money as a freelancer after taking this course.








The videos are kind of big. I am on a DSL line and some of them took two or more minutes to download. If you are on dial up, be prepared to load a lesson, fix a sandwich, then come back and watch it. They said they were working on a CD version but it was not available as of the time of my review.






There are a lot of scam work-at-home systems out there so I know people are wary of any new system. This is one of those rare systems that is not a system at all. It is a legitimate way of finding jobs. It contained a lot of information, plus additional information not mentioned in the sales pitch page, and they offer follow up courses to help job seekers expand their skills. These skills can also translate into real world jobs too. Once you take the course on graphics and know how to use Photoshop, that is a skill that can get you a job at a local company, but if you can work for companies around the world from home I don't know why anyone would go backwards like that.


Final Result


The program received 5 out of 5 because it has a lot of useful information. It was almost a 4 out of 5 because it was annoying to wait for the videos to download, however once it was downloaded I was so interested in watching I forgot about the time it took.

The quality and number of videos was also excellent, easy to see the demonstrations, lots of information. I was very happy with my purchase and consider it money well spent. This is a work at home course that can actually help people find work. Real work, not the envelope stuffing kind of work, but legitimate jobs by legitimate companies. I think the Freelance Profit Course is more than just a work at home system, it is a humanitarian gesture that can help many people find jobs who are otherwise unemployable. For the elderly, disabled, or anyone who cannot easily travel to a job it is a perfect way to make money. For people who don't get along with others, they can work at home and only interact by email. For those who need to make money until they find a full time job or want to make money on the weekend, freelancing is also perfect because you control when you work and how much you make.


All in all, I learned a lot and encourage you to check out the site:

Checkout the Freelance Profit Key Website for yourself


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