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Fluent Reading by The Literacy Company was the only system "Endorsed by Evelyn Wood". They have a special section for readers with Dyslexia.

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With The Reader's Edge exercises users can display text in single word, multiple word and sentence only structure. In addition, the font type and size can be adjusted to facilitate focusing on individual words or phrases, thus helping to remove the "distraction" of seeing others words when reading. In addition, The Reader's Edge has been modified to recognize the Microsoft Windows® accessibility settings (window and font color). Individuals that have various degrees of Dyslexia can now work with The Reader's Edge and read in a manner in which they are most comfortable. To learn how to customize the Windows accessibility settings on your computer visit the Microsoft Accessibility Resource website. Some of the information seemed dated and much of the documentation seemed to be padded with success stories and self promotion that was not related to speed reading.
Overall, this was nice software with a lot of options the user can set. It was also well integrated with Windows accessability which other products did not have. There are 3 versions, basic, pro, and network. These range in price from $79.95, $149.95 and $299 and higher. We reviewed the Pro version which supports unlimited users and includes 8 reading exercises. It was important for the software be be usable by a family which requires more than one user and more than one computer in the modern household.

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