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EyeQ™ Reviewer's Comments

EyeQ from Infinite Mind is our runner up" and second choice. Though the software has the same basic functionality as Speed Reader-X, they are not identical and the price really makes a difference.

EyeQ Screenshots.


The reading screen shows a passage and times your reading.


The reading screen is where you spend most of your time.

A hilighted cursor moves to indicate where you should be looking.


Before each lesson you must complete eye exercises. Here a basketball pops around the screen.



After the basketball you watch a series of images. The images repeat and do not have any particular significance, that is to say, they are not a coherrent sentence and are not telling any story. These are random images that stream accross the screen.


After the reading test you can see a progress chart.


The software also includes games, a screen saver, and some help sections.


Ease of Use:
EyeQ uses is well designed and simple to use. Progressively harder lessons teach speed reading techniques. You are limited to completing one lesson per day. The software will not let you complete two lessons in a day.

Feature Set:
EyeQ includes 12 7-minutes sessions. They are supposed to strengthen your eyes, widen your field of vision and increase your reading speed. Each session increases in speed.
The Reading Test tests your reading speed and lets you view your progress on a progress chart.

The EyeQ program includes several games to enhance your ability to process information faster. These include mazes, two point training and number find games. The games may appeal to young children but older users will skip them.

EyeQ has the ability to switch reading materials for adults, teens, and children. The reading materials can be switched to different levels to provide fun and interesting stories for every age.

The Mini-exercises are short practice exercises that involve watching a tennis ball or basketball bounce around the screen and small icons streaming accross the screen. We did not find these exercises to be useful and it was unclear exactly what you were supposed to gain from them. They felt like a waste of time and filler to make the program feel bigger. There is no way to skip the exercises(that we could find and we looked).

The Screen Saver is supposed to allow you to practice reading while you do other things. Words move around the screen coming closer and farther. This felt very gimmicky and looked like a last minute add on. We did not find it to be useful.

Ease of Installation:
There was no problem during the installation. The software comes on CD but does require an activation code. On at least one test we had to enter the code three times. There were no problems other than the code.

The software has a Resource center and help section that were very useful. The package also includes an Eye Brain book and video. The website has a FAQ um provides you with email support as well as FAQs on their homepage. They offer both email and phone support. We tried the email support by asking a question that was covered in the manual. We did not receive a reply within 48 hours after being sent at noon on a Monday. When we did not receive a reply we did call the support line. The person on the other end had to thumb through the manual but did answer the question.

EyeQ effectively covers all key fundamentals to give speed reading students a solid foundation to learn speed reading. The system is based on research from the 1980's according to their website. The manual does have information on how speed reading works and memory. This program covers all the fundamentals and more.

Effectiveness was not rated due to the nature of speed reading. Speed reading is very subjective and requires practice that is beyond the scope of this review. I can however say that after going through the lessons I see the logic in speed reading and the basic concept does make sense to me. The visual intake of words should be possible with practice.

EyeQ contains the basic information needed to learn speed reading and has an excellent practice layout. EyeQ is priced at $250 for the deluxe edition and even higher with other options which makes it the most expensive software we tested. The price was important in the evaluation since it was almost ten times the closest competitors.




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READER REVIEWS showing 1 of 2 viewer reviews

#2 EyeQ Submitted by IreadT00 of .. on April 12 2006

#2 EyeQ by Infinitemind

You may have seen this one on late night infomercials. The infomercials, and their website offer the product for $14.95 but check the fine print. That is for a 30 day trial. The actual software costs $200 for the basic or $250 if you want different people to use the same software and each to have their own account to track their progress. The first annoyance was during installation. I had to find the activation key. Once I typed in the long install key it did install without problems. The software looked very professional. It is clearly well polished. As I started following the lessons I found another annoyance, the software limits you to one lesson every 24 hours. That means if you take a lesson at 8pm and then decide to take your next lesson at 5pm the next day, nope, you cant do it. You have to wait until after 8pm. This is to prevent people from running through all the lessons at once. I was able to get around the problem by resetting the clock on my PC. You just have to remember to put it back to the correct time. Between the lessons there are exercises. I was unable to determine what the purpose of these exercises really was. One has you watch a tennis ball bounce around the screen. I learned nothing from this and as for improving eye movements, it would only be useful for someone recovering from an eye injury. The exercise seemed pointless for anyone who has ever played a video game, any video game, or watched tv close up. Your eyes naturally dart around. Another exercise involved flashing a series of small images such as an image of a CD-ROM, a police chevron, and other small images. This was also pointless since the images had no meaning and you were passively watching them. The screen saver is equally useless. It shows words streaming near and far which accomplishes nothing. Now that I have thoroughly ragged on the software you may be wondering how it made it to number 2 as well as well as yours? Well once you get past this useless fluff that was likely added to make it look impressive on TV, the basic reading trainer works well. Words and phrases are hilighted in the story of the Wizard of Oz. You follow along the hilighted sections. The training flow is very logical and in preset lessons.

What I Liked. The basic trainer worked fine. I could follow the hilighted text and practice the skills. The software is available for PC and MAC. You can change the text and it has an option to display text at a speed you set.

Disappointments. I was disappointed in the free bonuses. The infomercial claims you will receive a book 'like' HG Wells Time machine and I did but so what? Then they give you 100 greatest people on CD. This is nothing more than 100 public domain biographies, all abbreviated heavily. I was looking over their website and they actually offer this cd for sale for $99 which is unbelievable. The information is available for free on the Internet. These items will go in a box or the trash as soon as you see them. I tossed mine in a drawer and there it will stay until I decide to clean out that drawer and throw them away. For the price I really would have expected the free bonuses to be nicer. Maybe some additional reading software or an educational game. Something other than public domain biographies and a book that was clearly bought from the surplus printing market. The manual seemed padded. There was a lot of unnecessary information in it which seemed added to make the manual longer. And everyone knows a longer manual must be a better product, right? The biggest disappointment was the price. $200 for the basic and $250 for the multi user version. That is way out of line for what the software does. I picked up my copy on ebay so I didnt have to pay full price but if I did, I never would have bought it.


READER REVIEWS showing 2 of 2 viewer reviews

EyeQ Submitted by Julie O. of Los Angeles CA. on July 17 2007


I have been using Acereader and Speed ReaderX. Both are great programs with
simple installation. Tech support is some of the most responsive I've
seen. I usually have an email response in a few hours with all of the details.
It really is the easiest to use, has the most features, best
support, and best price. I've tried them all. I shudder to think of
the poor people who actually might buy EyeQ on the basis of this
review. Yikes!!! Perhaps we should review your reviewer!
Julie O
__removed___ Educational Assessment Coordinator,

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