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Editor Reviewer's Comments

Editor by E & J Thiesmeyer i s a basic program with a simple layout.




Editor Grammar software is highly rated on other sites so I tried it out. I cannot figure out for the life of me why it was so highly rated. This is one of the worst programs I have used in years. It was like stepping through a time machine to the days when Windows 95 was released in 1995.

The first thing I noticed was there was no demo on their site. Not even a video, or example screen shots.

It was also very strange that their webpage immediately began telling me everything their software could not do. I thought you should always start with the positives about your product? At least they are up front about what the product does so I kept reading.
Their order system was archaic. They use PayPal only. The site has the feel of someone working out of their dorm room who could not afford, or did not bother to setup a credit card account with any of the hundreds of sites that process credit cards for software sellers like this.

There was no true credit card purchase option other than through PayPal.

After I purchased using PayPal and clicked the continue button, I was taken back to the order page and not to a download page. There was no thank you page and no additional information. Again, very sloppy. There is no Buy Now button anywhere on the website either. The website has a lot of information on it which is good, but it just feels like it was slapped together in a few minutes.

Apparently there is no download version but it does not say that on the order page, only the FAQ page. After reading the FAQ carefully, you can request a download version by email. Again, I do not understand why it is not available for download after purchase but is available by email? This makes no sense to me when they could have easily sent the buyer to a download page instead of making them wait for a CD or email response.


I think you can see that this review was already off to a rocky start.


I was interested in Editor because it does not interface with your word processor, Internet Explorer, or other programs. I did not like other programs plugging themselves into my important programs especially when they did not work well anyway. I liked the idea behind Editor because it was a stand alone window. I am not blocked from changing the original and it does not wipe out my formatting like Whitesmoke does.

Strangely enough, the FAQ on the Editor website actually says you should not make corrections based on their correction window by switching back and forth. They gave no rationale for this that I could find and this seems the most logical way to use their software.


I received my emailed version a few hours after purchase. I was quite disappointed.


After installation, you must run it from a desktop shortcut and you have a hand full of choices(seen in the screenshot), none of which you want to use. I only want to analyze a document. The options are Draft, Usage, Word Lists, or View output. Which one of those is Analyze A Document? Any of them other than view output does nothing but open a window for you to select some file but you have no idea what file to pick because there are no on screen instructions.

I do not even want to open a file, all I want is to copy and paste my document so I can have it analyzed. Am I now forced to read a manual to use the software? Manuals went out in the 1990's. Today software is supposed to be designed in an intuitive way and lead the user through the steps needed. There is no leading here and nothing but confusion when opening this program. The only instructions on screen are

Run an Editor program or review program results by choosing from this menu.

Somehow you are supposed to figure out how to use the software from that. I thought I WAS running the Editor program, I clicked the Editor shortcut.

I decide I must have missed something and resign myself to reading the manual. There is no manual link in the software so I go to my Start menu. Strangely there is no such program as Editor listed. I thought it would be here so I could easily run it and locate the documentation. It is not, completely absent.


The software has no thought put into the design.


I clicked Draft again and this time selected editor.exe which is the only file available. It gave an error.
I then tried again and selected a .txt file from one of the sub-folders and it worked but then asked if I wanted a Draft or a List. I just want an analysis of the grammar in my document. I take a guess and click Draft. It did not seem to do anything, but the Done button was enabled so I clicked Done. The program closed with no analysis.


I had to go back to the website and read some more to figure out how to use this software.


It seems this program reads only .txt files and then writes out data to text files. I can only assume that the programmer who hacked this tool together originally learned to program on an IBM 3790 mainframe in the 1980s because that is the last time I remember computers operating like this.


There is no point in bothering with the manual because the software is so poorly designed anyway. I have no idea how well it can catch grammar errors because it is not worth the trouble to figure out and certainly not worth the excessive amount of work to use.


One of the requirements in this review was that the software be easy to use. This software is not easy.


Instead of simply letting me copy/paste, I have to open my file in a word processor(even if it is in another format) save to a .txt file, load it in the Editor, somehow analyze it, save out the .txt file result, read it in and compare it to my original. I just want to copy/paste my text and see an analysis of it! Why is that so hard to accomplish?


I don't really care how to use this software because I can see myself going through the 20 steps needed to analyze a simple document.


I requested a refund and it was issued within minutes. I will give them points for customer service and honesty.

I then went to uninstall it and remembered that there was no Start menu option so I could not uninstall there. I opened my control panel and Add/Remove programs but it was not listed there either. It must be some kind of stealth install. I had to delete the folder from my program files folder. That was the only way to uninstall. This took points away from their install/uninstall rating. Installation was easy but uninstall was not available other than deleting the folder.


After all of this, I never analyzed a single document. There are much better options than Editor. RightWriter was the first choice in this review because it was simple, it let me copy/paste, and the analysis was very thorough, it did everything I thought Editor would do but didn't. Check out the review of RightWriter instead.



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