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This is more of a warning than a review. I was googling for myself and the name of a non-profit I work with. I was supervised to find that my name came up on a charity donation website which I have never heard of called Charity Blossom. The site lists my name, my private home address and a fake EIN number. It claims I represent the charity when I am in fact only a member and then asks the user to donate. Where does the money go? It does not go to my organization I know that because I have never heard of this company and never received any payments from them nor have I or anyone in my organization given them permission to collect money on our behalf. This is a flat out scam!


Do not give any money to or any similar site. If you want to donate to an organization then donate to that organization directly, not through some website that claims the money goes to the group.

This is the screen where they are illegally soliciting donations using my name and organization. They listed my private home address which has nothing to do with the organization and a fake EIN. If you click the Donate button you are asked for personal information. I guarantee you the money never gets to the organization because we have never received one penny from this group.


Beware of any website that claims to collect money for multiple charities. Even if some money gets to the charity these sites usually take 50% for themselves. The is one of those sites which keeps all the money. I called but no one even answers the phone there. If you "join" then you cannot change the information either. Beware of this and similar scams!


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