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I almost hate to review this site and I started to skip this review, but I did use the service and I did have a definate opinion so here it is.


I received an email from a marketer whom I know recommending this site. I checked the offer because I love a good offer. It really did sound good. I was offered $10 for 7 days of full access to their collectino of master resale rights ebooks. I looked through their collection and it appeared impressive and I saw several I was interested in using as bonuses with my existing offers.

The come-on would turn into a $47 yearly fee. Again, not a bad price if they keep up the content and it looked like it would be worth that to access the site anyway. I was still wary of anyone charging an ongoing fee and I was not familiar with John so I opted for PayPal(I think that was the only option to pay actually). I was charged the initial $10 and an automatic recurring charge was added to my paypal account.

So far so good.

Then it went down hill. The sign up process was so convoluted and so pointlessly complicated I became lost. You receive an email saying to go to a page to finish sign up then you realize you were there three pages ago and there is nothing on it that is part of signup, it is the original sales page, finally you sign up, after giving your email address 3 times, then you are granted access but wait, you must have two logins and two passwords, fortunately they are the same. It appears John could not figure out how to setup Amember correctly so you must login as a member, then login again through htaccess to reach the download area. There were three times that I was totally confused during signup with the extra pages, unnecessary steps, and offers that were made to look like part of the signup process.

I was already turned off.





Nothing was what I expected. I was offered MRR eBooks. Technically that is what was present but there was nothing on the site that I would be comfortable giving my customers, not even giving away free.

I was interested in the HTML beginner tutorial but the link was a dead link. I tried the Internet Marketing Calls MRR which was listed as 10 files 2megs each. When I downloaded I received a 360k exe file and when I ran it, it listed the files for download. I clicked the first, dead link, same for the rest. Many of the other ebooks were also in nonstandard exe formats and some even had advertisements for webhosting that appear when they are opened. Very unprofessional and I would never distribute anything like these to my customers. I tried about 20 other books and software program and none were really what I would consider usable. I cancelled my subscription. Fortunately PayPal makes this easy and I just cancelled there to stop the charge. This was not even worth the $10. They should have paid me $50 for my wasted time.


Now, I am no newbie to MRR. I know how the game works. Write a useful ebook that promotes your site and let other people sell it. There is nothing wrong with that system. I like it and I am happy to promote someone's site if I can sell their eBook for a few dollars or use it as a bonus. I do have a problem when their EXE ebook looks like a big advertisement. If I sell something like that, my customers immediately feel ripped off, just like I did. I cannot sell something that looks like a sales website. Most of the ebooks were terrible. Short on content, and nothing more than sales pages disquised as eBooks then cloaked in a .exe format instead of the standard .pdf.

Some of the sales pages also had glaring gammatical errors like this one from one of the ebooks "The website is already for you to upload to your server." Does no one take high school English anymore? How is someone so undeucated supposed to teach others? I could never distribute junk like this to my customers.

They also seem to misunderstand master resale rights. Many of the ebooks had big proclimations about the purchaser having resale rights to the product. This should not be the case. As the buyer of master resale rights, I should decide if I am going to give resale rights to my customers or not. Such statements should not be in the eBook itself. I never even give away such ebooks. If I want my customers to have MRR or just RR, I will give them a separate notice so it looks like "I" am the one giving them the rights and I am the hero. These ebooks make it look like I am just some goon who downloaded the ebook for free and started charging people for it. I cannot give away something like that, it makes me look bad.

These are also blatant site promotions. I know MRR is for self promotion but there is a clear line between tasteful and blatant and blatant always puts off customers. They feel like they paid for junk mail when they see resale rights included for everyone and obvious promotions of a company in the first line, even banner ads in the book itself. I mean BANNER ADS? Come on! It is too much and it makes the seller look dishonest. I would never give such an ebook away. These people are trying to teach others about marketing but they do not know how to be subtle about marketing themselves.

This site is also associated with, which I could not figure out, the links at the bottom which say they are central login sites just open the same page again and there is another link for however I was not interested in paying for anything here after my experience.




I cancelled my subscription after trying 20 books with not one that was usable(and many that were broken or could not be downloaded).



Final Result


I do not recommend this site. There are many better MRR offers out there.

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