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I have been blogging since the internet started. It was not called blogging back then, it was just a guy writing html on his webpage. Then the blogging craze hit and everyone had a blog but me. I still used my old html page which had grown several feet long, had no organization, was rarely updated, and most importantly it was NOT MAKING ME MONEY!


Another marketing company I had signed up to receive emails from sent me a message which said that Alvin Phang had put together a blogging video that explained how to make money from your blog. This message came at just the right time. I had already thought about converting to a real blog and I did a google search only to give up a few minutes later. It was very confusing because there were so many sites that had blogs today and I was not part of the blog culture so I had no idea what was hot, what was not, where I should look, or even what I should do to get started. I did not like the idea of setting up an account and putting my posts on someone else's site but did not want to spend days figuring out how to setup a blog on my server either. I had also been thinking about creating a political blog which I hoped to build traffic but I also wanted it to make me some money. It might not make a lot but I had the choice between doing a lot of writing and making nothing and doing a lot of writing and getting a check every month from adsense. I think I want the check but how do I make it happen other than just throwing up adsense ads and hoping they work?


I had already been through an adsense program but I was still not well grounded in blogging. So when I received this message I checked Alvin's Website to see what he had to offer. First, he had videos. That immediately caught my interest. If he had an eBook, I likely would have clicked the back button and never bothered to read the page but the first thing I saw was stacks and stacks of video and audio CD's in his images. That caught my interest. I always prefer a package with audio/video because I can watch it or listen in the car. At this point I was willing to read the page. Yes, it was the regular marketing type of page but it also said a lot that echoed what I was looking for. I needed a crash course in blogging from someone who knew how it worked and I wanted to make money from it eventually.


After reading over the page and the guarantee I liked the system so I bought it for $47, no wait, when I went to check out I was offered another big set of videos for a few dollars more so I took those too.


In a few minutes I had received my login instructions for his secure site to download my videos. I liked that too because I did not want to wait for CD/DVDs in the mail.


The kit included a bunch of stuff, software, ebooks, videos, audio CDs, teleseminars. I am not going to relist it all here, lets just say there is a lot of stuff and I still have not been through all of it. I did go through the videos and audio programs first.


If you are an experienced blogger, this may not be new material for you. If you are new to blogging or have only casually used some blogging website, then it may be all new to you . It was all new to me. First Alvin narrowed down all the blog sites to two and then to one that he recommended plus he showed how easy it was to setup on your own server. I have since setup two blogs on my own server using Wordpress(Alvin's recommendation and it was a good one) and it was as easy as shown and the result is a great looking instant website.


Back to Alvin's System. The videos did not play smoothly. Occasionally they would blip but I was able to follow what he was doing even though the audio dropped out in a fast forward type blip every 30 seconds or so. It was something to do with the flash encoding and or player he was using.


There were about 30 videos total some only a minute and some running 10 minutes. They covered what is a blog, how to set one up, how they work and why they are better than a regular website, how you can make money from them and what sites you need to use to make your blog successful(like dmoz listing etc).


His accent was a bit difficult to understand sometimes but it was not that bad. The video could have used a little more editing, they do not appear to be edited at all and have a number of mistakes where he re-stated something to correct himself.


The information was still very useful for me especially since I didn't know much about blogging other than what it was. He also explained how to make money from your blog using adsense and other advertisers, plus explaining adsense plug ins for your blog, how to gain viewers, how to get updates on search engines and pretty much everything you need to know about blogs.


The additional videos were the Barking Dog Videos which were made by someone else(no accent) and these include Master Resale Rights. They are actually pretty good and they talk about Article Marketing. This is a standard type of marketing which is heavily promoted by marketing experts. They give the information you need and explain how to generate articles(no problem if you are writing in your industry also how to find pre-written or get ghost written articles). The video shows how to create your article, where to post it, and how the article marketing system works. You may write several articles and none take any hits but if you only write one that gets shown on a major site, it could mean a huge amount of traffic to your site just from one article.


The video also explains how to use your Resource Box to get credit and promote your site in your article, which sites to submit to(there are hundreds so you need to know which are the big ones). Writing articles can give you an expert status in your niche industry which can help you in other promotions by simply giving you a big presence on the web. This all plays in well with the blog information because that is nothing more than a collection of articles on your site. This video set shows you how to get those articles out on the web, to be shown on thousands of other sites.


Article Submitter Side note

A great article submission software is Article Submitter. This product is not related to Alvin's Atomic Blogging but I tried several(many have the same name so make sure you get the right one) and this one was the best article submitter software. You can submit articles by hand but that takes forever and this software lets me setup one article and submit it to 50 top sites in minutes. It comes with 150 or so sites listed but I only bother to submit to the top 50. As I learned in the Barking Dog videos, you do not want to submit everywhere because it can cause your site to be rated lower by google if they see the same content all over the web. See the review of Article Submitter Software.





The videos seemed to have some bit problems or some playback problems which caused them to skip and blip. Alvin's Accent was not bad but sometimes I had to replay parts to understand him.


Alvin tries to follow up by email but his emails have little good content and mostly try to refer you back to his page. I prefer marketers who give more good information.


He did offer a free mp3 of an audio interview with someone else. I didn't actually catch who he was or why he was being interviewed. After listening to it I don't think I would have sent it out to my customers. It sounds terrible and the interview went poorly. There may have been some good information in it, but between the heavy accents and the uncomfortable overtalking I missed it. He might have been able to edit it and cut out some of the awkward moments to get a usable program but he did not do that. I expect I will unsubscribe from his follow up mails because I just don't get the feeling that I am learning or he is leading me to any new sources. Other marketers send useful tips and point me to other packages that I am interested in. Alvin still has to make some more connections before he is ready for that. The mp3 was a free bonus sent weeks after I bought the system so don't think I am complaining too much, just a little. It is hard to complain about a free bonus but this is marketing all the way and sellers must give good content if they want to sell more stuff with even better content.






I am sure Alvin makes more money selling his system than he does blogging but that does not take away from the quality of the program. I learned a lot from it and since viewing his programs I have setup my own blogs and using the article writing information I have written several articles. Plus, I know the articles are not haphazard or thrown up because I saw how someone with experience in both blogging and article writing posted their articles. That gave me a lot of confidence and made me anxious to get started.



Final Result


So you may be wondering am I making $500 or $5000 from my blogs? You should know that I am making less than a dollar per day but it is because my blogs do not take much traffic. They are new and I know it will take time to build readership. I submitted articles to article sites weeks ago and many still have not gotten around to approving them. Every couple of days I get a message from one or another saying they just approved or rejected my article.This will take some time to build so I wish I had started sooner. It will take some time to build this up but it is just another tool that I can use to promote my other sites.


The program received 3 out of 5 because it has some useful information. It was almost a 4 out of 5 because there were so many videos and extras but the quality and video problems knocked it down to a 3 out of 5. I was satisfied with my purchase and consider it $47 well spent, although I may buy another video/audio system if I find someone else with one too.


All in all, I learned a lot and encourage you to check out Alvin's site:

Checkout the Atomic Blogging Website for yourself


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