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Almost every marketing package or guru tells you to submit articles. Submitting articles creates links on high ranked websites back to your site, it establishes you as an expert, it gets traffic to your website. So you write a bunch of articles and what do you do next? There are hundreds, over 500, article sites out there.


The one thing you do not want to do is pay some article submission service $30 to submit your article. Some of these services are crooked and only submit your article to a hand full of sites if any at all. Some hire people in India to submit and you can imagine what the result is. Garbled English, incorrect selections and it is worse when they try to modify your article so it does not appear the same on every site. They can make you look like an uneducated idiot.


The best option is to submit articles yourself. It is not that hard and you do not have to submit to thousands of sites, only the top sites. So, how is this done? Fortunately there are some enterprising people who have written software that makes it easy.


I have tried a number of article submission services and software. Most of them are not worth mentioning. Instead I will jump to the software that I actually bought and use myself to submit my own articles. It is called Article Submitter. Don't be fooled by the name though. There are at least 20 other programs out there using the exact same name so be careful not to buy the wrong one.


Here is what I liked.

The software has a free trial so you can test it out. I might have been able to use the free trial forever but it has a limited number of submission sites. I was afraid that there were some high PR or Alexis rated sites not in the list so I had to buy the full version to make sure I was submitting to all of the major sites. But, back to the free trial. It is fully functional except for the fact that it only has 50 or so sites to submit to. These are not the bottom of the barrel sites either, they appear to be a mix of top and bottom sites just like the full listing, maybe they picked one out of every 3, I don't know. It is a nice mix though.


The webpage says they support 688 article directories but when I load up my full commercial version it only has 383. I only submit to about 50 so it does not really matter. Who cares about those last 300 sites that receive no visitors. When I submit articles, I usually sort by PR rank, submit to the top 20 or so, then I resort by Alexis rank and submit to the top 20 or so of those that I had not already submitted to. Usually I submit to around 50 of the top sites total.


Some of these sites take days to weeks before they approve an article so don't wait about submitting. Some of these sites are also poorly managed(nothing to do with this software) and they will reject articles for stupid reasons. For example, I wrote an article about how to identify fraudulent websites based on the URL. In the article I had several example URL's which were completely fake, things like stuff. You would not believe how many article directories rejected my article because it contained more than 3 url's. They did not consider the fact that the url's were clearly dummy examples. It is obvious they did not even bother to read the title or article before rejecting it.


It pays to submit to a number of these sites because some will never bother to check your submission, some reject it for invalid reasons, but who cares, you have over 300 to submit to. If one is not smart enough to post your article, ten others are happy to show it off. That is the nice thing about this software, every time one article site rejects your submission, you can submit to 10 more in less time than it takes to read the article.


How the program works.

Start the software, it shows a list of article sites, click the New Article and enter your information including the article, author(you can have multiple pen names on sites), title, resource box with your author name and site URL(this is important), and some other information.


Ok, 90% of the work was just completed when you copied and pasted your article, author, etc into the program boxes. Now we double click on a directory we want to submit to. It opens in the bottom window. The first time you go to a site, you usually have to setup an account. This is a bit tedious on the first article but you never have to do it again. I learned to setup my accounts two at a time. I registered at one site, then at the next, then I checked my email and had the confirmation link for the first, when I confirmed I had the confirmation link for the second to confirm, then I registered at two more sites. When you then open the article site and enter your login in the program, it remembers your username and password so you never have to type them again.

After you setup your accounts, you simply double click the directory to submit to, it opens in the bottom window where you click login, your password is already filled in. Then it auto fills in the information for you based on what you entered before. The author, category, article body, resource box, all auto filled in, so no typing.


The categories on all of these sites are different. If you enter a keyword in the category field when setting up your article, the program will pick the best option among available categories.


If you want to list in the category Marketing, put that in the box and the software will pick the first category with the word Marketing in it. You always have to check the category plus it pays to pick different categories at different sites. Your computer security article could fit under Computer, Internet, or Home Security so put it under whichever is available. Now you are not limited to one category so someone looking for Home Security articles will show your article on their site when they would have never shown your Internet Security article(same article).


Also, while doing each site individually, you can customize your article. I often change the title and the first line to make my article fit a category. Writing an article on "Spam and your computer"? Maybe you go to a directory that is for families and has no security category, what do you do? Simple, you change it to "How to protect your kids from spam" and change the first line, now it is a targeted article that you can put under the category Children's Safety. You would never get this kind of service through an Indian submission site.


If you submit to a large number of sites, you want to change your article too. Google will recognize if it is the exact same article so change it around. I am sure you can easily rewrite it, add something you forgot, fix something that sounds awkward, to make it different every few sites.


Well that is it. After the initial setup and creating your accounts, submitting articles is super fast. Copy and paste your article information once, then click each article site, everything is auto filled in, just check the category to make sure it is correct and click the submit button. That is all there is to it. Do that 50 times and you are listed on 50 major article sites which feed hundreds of thousands of other sites.


Ok, now you know how this software works, and how to submit articles.






I would have liked to be able to edit and add my own directories. You are limited in what you can add/change such as just your username and password and a notes field. I would like to change more because some directories move pages around or I wanted to change the directory name to be something more meaningful.


Some of the directories are specialized. You have to pay attention otherwise you may be posting your article to a highly rated service that specializes in African articles or Mystic Crystal articles. I would have liked to see more notes on some of the sites.


Some of the directories are strange in their layout. 95% are one of three or four standard types which makes them easy to work with. A few are just odd and some I was unable to submit to not because of the software but because the sites were just screwed up. Some of the sites never approved my account. I would setup an account, receive the confirmation email, click the confirm link and receive a message saying the account already existed or it expired. I emailed support for that site but they never bothered to respond. Some of these article sites are just poorly run. Also some are setup incorrectly. Some I received confirmation links which clearly had the wrong user ID in them. None of this is actually the fault of the Article Submitter software. It is the fault of the article directory owners and that is the risk you run into when dealing with a large number of independent sites.

You will find these bad sites and I suggest when you find one, just right click and select the option to delete them from the list. They are a waste of time and you never have to see them again once you delete them.

As I said, 95% of the sites listed work without a hitch and once you clean out the few bad apples, it is smooth sailing.





I really like the software and it makes submitting articles fast and easy. I cant imagine doing it differently. What I can do in 30 minutes with the software would take me 3 or more hours by hand plus I have to keep a list of directories and I would not know which are the top rated directories without the software. It is also updated regularly.


Final Result


I gave the software 5 out of 5 because it does everything it promises, it has a free trial mode which is fully functional, and it really saves me time. It has been more than worth the price for the value I have received. I have submitted 300 or more articles using the software and I expect to use it for every article I write.


Check out Article Submitter Free Trial Here

They also have a demonstration video. It is a bit quick and leaves out some details that I tried to include above but it is a good introduction .

Watch the Demo Video for Article Submitter Here

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