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Do you have a product you need to promote but cannot afford a national advertising campaign? Did you know you can talk for free on major radio stations for 15 minutes to an hour and they let you do it free?


I have been a Steve Harrison teleseminar junkie for about two years. Too cheap to buy anything but glad to listen for free. Then one day he was interviewing this guy named Alex Carroll about how to get on radio shows. I pretty much thought radio was dead but Alex revealed that there are huge audiences for drive time shows and they are practically a captive audience. After listening to how he sold his books using telephone call in radio shows I was more than a little interested.


It sounded too good to be true. Sit at home, give interviews on the phone around the country to major stations. I thought maybe it was too good to be true so I didn't bite. Instead I checked and bought the Bacon's Directory of Radio stations for 2006. It was a little out of date but I thought I could always check the website of any stations I was interested in interviewing on.


The book arrived and it is about four or five inches thick. Thud! I dropped it on the coffee table and sat there afraid to open it because I could already see I was in over my head. I decided to start small and turned to the section of local radio stations. I thumbed through it and through it some more. There were a bunch of stations listed and they all looked exactly the same. I had no idea what these stations were, if they cared about interviews, if anyone was listening or what I was doing. I put the book on top of my stack of 'projects to get around to', and went on to other projects.


A couple of months later I was listening to a replay of that same Alex Carroll teleseminar and now everything he said really hit me dead on. I had looked through my $100 Bacon's directory and it got me nowhere. I knew what I was missing and I knew I was confused so when Alex explained his publicity course this time, it really resonated with me. I went to his website and saw how many radio shows he had been on and this time, I bit. He had several options from $47 to $997. I was serious, I am an audio junkie, and the $997 package had everything so I bought it.


My reasoning for paying so much was that I had already tried on my own and got nowhere plus it really sounded good and if it worked, I could make many times that investment back just doing a few interviews a month. The $997 Millionaire course had 18 hours(actually when I received it, there was much more) of audio. The first part is where Alex explains how radio works and how his system works. In the description on his website he describes a radio database. I did not think much about that when ordering, I thought it would be something I would not need, after all, I had my big Bacon's Directory. But, after he explained what it was on the audio CD and how it worked, I realized this little database might be more valuable than the rest of the package. It contains the top market stations along with notes and contact information. You can see what they like or don't, what kind of station it really is, not some generic classification, and these are not stations copied out of a book. Alex did a lot of analysis to find top stations that actually had listeners, not just stations that happened to be in big markets but had no listeners(like the Polka station which might be classified as Classical).


We were off to a good start with this program. After I listened to his introductions we moved into the actual phone calls he made with the radio stations. This is something I was really interested in. It is one thing to tell someone how easy it is, "just call them up" but quite another to actually be there listening in. The calls are complete and unedited so you know everything that happened and Alex narrates to explain what is really going on, what his thoughts were, what his strategy was, and by the first few CD's you feel like an expert yourself having never called a radio station. This is what I was really wanting from the package, a hand-holding walk through so I know exactly how to talk to the producers in their language without wasting their time or mine. Alex did a great job in documenting everything, even the stuff you might think he should not have documented.


He also included his real press kit. I did so much research on press kits through the web and no one agreed on anything. It was nice to see how a real one, on a topic similar to the one I wanted to promote(a book) was put together. I was sick of press kits on the web which were made by some intern who had no idea how to get publicity. Seeing a real one, from a real person who really used it to get massive publicity helped me build my own press kit. He also explains in detail what is in it and why he put it together the way he did.


Of course, he also includes some of his actual radio interviews. I am not a radio listener myself so those were very helpful especially after you know how to listen to them. I can see how he managed the interviews now and I know how I should do it.






I listened to the radio interview setup phone calls on my PC at Fast speed with Windows Media Player. I listen on fast speed to voices/teleseminars a lot because I can fit two hours of material in about an hour and twenty minutes of listening time. That made it go fast but there was still A LOT of material to go through. After the first 10 hours of phone bookings it started to get repetitive. Only a little repetitive but cant fault Alex for that, it is exactly what I wanted and exactly what he described, the real phone calls. So, I am not complaining because it is repetitive, just something you should be aware of. There must be 50 or 100 calls here and after you hear 20 or so, the rest are just refresher.


Popups on the website are a little annoying.


Alex included a list of top radio stations but I would have liked to have had a list of Petty-Coat-Junction type stations in the middle of nowhere. Some test stations where I could call, get interviews, and not worry about sounding like an idiot because I know no one is calling but they are still professional enough that I can get a good interview just for practice.





I know this review sounds like I am kissing Alex's' butt. That was not my intention and I try to be as fair as possible. Many of these 'make money my way' systems are bogus but I really liked Alex's' system and I can see that it is something I will be able to do on my own when I am ready to start making calls to radio stations. I have been through many of these type systems, make money blogging, articles, SEO, howling at the moon, whatever I thought I could do to promote my own products and sites. Many times these systems are not as good as they appear and sometimes the people selling them hold back an important critical element or they are not really as successful as they try to make themselves appear. I never felt Alex was holding back and he really told everything. I couldnt find any holes in the radio publicity system. As long as you have something interesting to talk about, you have something that will work on radio. That was great for me because my books are not something I can demonstrate, they need to be talked about which makes for boring TV. Plus, all of the questions and confusion I had before his program evaporated. I have my stations, I know who to call, what to say, what to have ready, what time slot to ask for, everything. I have no worries.


I never used the phone consultation. The course was really complete so I have not felt the need.


You could get by with the cheaper courses but I am glad I bought the big one because listening to the actual radio booking calls helped. He explains what he did and why so I know I can do the same thing and I know what to watch out for when I call from listening to those. Ultimately, I hope to sell several thousand books through this method and I like it a lot better than trying to get into magazines because radio stations are desperate for content. They have to fill many hours of airtime every day. Magazines and TV are much more selective plus there is much more competition. I like the entire radio concept and will put my knowledge to good use to promote my own books.


I almost forgot, he included his Traffic Ticket book with the package which was a nice additional bonus along with extra audio programs.


Final Result


Alex gave me a glimpse into how he does radio interviews and I am confident I can do it too. It is not complicated once you know how it works, it is just getting that inside view. In the end I have to give Alex's Millionaire program 5 out of 5 because it is so huge, so comprehensive, and he really does explain everything.


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Update: Two hours after writing this review, I received a call from an Ohio radio station asking me if I wanted to do an interview. Without hesitation I said yes, I knew what questions to ask them and which timeslot I wanted and most importantly I did not say "Sure anytime, just whenever, I am open every day", I knew the right way to do it and now I have a Monday interview scheduled to talk about my book.

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