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The Affiliate Conspiracy -

Relationship Marketing by Eric RockeFeller



Video. That is the magic word today. If you want to catch my interest in your marketing product, you better have audio or video and this product has video in spades. So they have enough of my attention to make me read the sales page already.

The first thing I saw on the website was a stack of $100 bills. Instant turn off. Usually when you see stacks of cash, big mansions, and Ferrari's, it screams scammer. Fortunately the rest of the page(outside of two images) looked better.

The system consisted of several case studies. Eric(I think it was Eric) went through several example products, including actual products he sells, showed how he researched and created the pages for the products. This works for both those who are looking for products from sellers to sell as affiliates and those who want to create ebooks/info products to sell.


It was mostly basic stuff but still interesting to see someone else do it even for me.


This is a $97 package so pricey but you do get a lot. I checked my download folder and it has over 900 megs of video files. I had trouble with the swf but I was able to convert them to exe and watch them.

He also includes an ebook manual(no audio for this) which is a good primer for those wanting to offer products.


When I am promised web templates I usually assume it is something for the recycle bin but he included 3 interesting templates that I actually plan to use. They do not look like the standard sales letter site(which is becomming passe') but they still have the important elements with graphics that make them look like normal sites.


The program is a balance between basics and more advanced ideas in internet marketing. For example, they show you the basics of setting up a Wordpress blog on your site. I dont like the way they do it and prefer to upload my own site but both work and they show you exactly what to do.


After watching the first few videos I found a Private Label Resale site they recommended to be exaclty what I needed. I was looking for PLR sites only days earlier and gave up. There are so many, and most are junk. The one they recommended in the videos was exacty what I needed and had not only one good product but several that I could use to enhance existing products(and some I bought just for myself)


The videos really show everything and they have some advanced google adword methods including showing the google adwords tool which is a free software program you can download to manage your adwords listings. I have used google for years and did not even know about it.


There were a number of other sites they recommended and demonstrated. You may think it is a cop-out to sell a system and then recommend free sites but I think it is very useful. There are so many sites out there, offering many services, it is impossible to keep up with them(for me anyway). I like having someone who is knowledgable in marketing to share their golden finds. Having a site demonstrated is also useful. I may have found one of the sites, glanced at the main page and if I did not immediately see how it could be useful to me, I would leave. The videos focus on useful sites and show you why they are useful to you as a marketer. As I said, the PLR site find itself was worth the cost of the program to me because the items from that site that I can resell as bonuses and upgrades will easily make my money back.


Another example of how this video helped me is watching a basic demonstration of clickbank. The clickbank demonstration was not really appealing to me, I know how CB works, but I watched it anyway and sure enough the narrator showed an example which directly related to a website I have and have not promoted(not until I found this piece of information that helped me put together a marketing plan for the site). I found a new category in clickbank, one I did not know about beofore but which was there all along, that will give me a whole new set of products to offer. I know it was not their intention to do this, but it shows that you can learn something just by watching refresher courses in areas you already know (or think you already know). I also learned that clickbank now offers bank transfers. When I signed up, they only offered mailed checks. I never knew about this new feature so now I can set that up because I do not like my checks going through the mail.

This is not a comprehensive program on internet marketing but it is a great filler program. It includes a lot of information and detailed demonstrations that are not in other programs I have purchased.

I would say it touches a little on almost everything related to internet marketing without going too deep into anything.
Both new marketers and those with some experience can gain useful information from this program.

They went through three examples, from beginning to end showing how he did his research to find items, to determine if it was worth marketing, keyword research and even detailed account setups for google, clickbank and other important sites that we all use. This is a great introduction for a newbie to online marketing who may need a little more hand holding when it comes to using clickbank, squidoo, and many keyword tools.

They recommended MSN's Ad Lab a number of times but I could not see any value in the tool. 1 it is from microsoft so I question the value for that alone and 2 I tried some known good commercial terms and Ad Lab told me they were non commercial indicating I should not run ads with them. I am successfully running ads with them now so the results are not correct and Ad Labs results should not be trusted.

They did give many other useful tools though which I am trying out.
One was a program called adsense finder, a free program that has already proven to be very useful(when combined with their recommendations for adwords)




I would have liked to received an audio version of the eBook. I always prefer audio with an eBook. The system was very thorough, so thorough it was almost repetitive by the time I made it to example video 10 but that is good too.




If you are new to affiliate marketing(either side as an aff or seller) then these can definately help you get started and tell you if you are already headed in the right(or wrong) direction. If you are someone who needs to be shown, then the videos are great.

Even if you know something about affiliate marketing but are not a seasoned pro, these will have something for you. I know that as I watched, I scribbled down some notes because watching someone else do what I have done gave me ideas about other cool stuff I could try.



Final Result


There was a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on the $97 purchase. I never considered asking for a refund. I will review the videos again later and if only one of the ideas this system generated pays off, it will be worth more than the price I paid.


Also, he did a nice job with the box graphics. Now I will have to check my sites and fix some of my sloppy graphics after seeing how nice his looked.

Check out the Affiliate Conspiracy Website Here


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