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AdSense Decoded $117 Video Reviewer's Comments



I have been using Google Adsense for years. You can see an example on the left side of this page. These are the little google ads that support this site. When someone clicks on an ad, I make a few cents. You can put the same ads on your site and make a few cents when someone clicks that link.


This sounds almost too good to be true. Put a little code snippet in your page and make money automatically. How do you make this happen. Well it is not that simple. First, you need a website that has a lot of target traffic. If you have a blog or how-to site, then you may be able to take advantage of these ads because you already have lots of visitors who are interested in a certain hobby or field visiting your site and they may click on ads of interest to them. If you have a website with no visitors, then you will receive no clicks.


So, the next question is, how do I get visitors. That was my question and that led me to buy this video package.


First there was the price to overcome for me. $117 is a lot of money to put into anything. But, I wanted to know more about adsense and all I knew was what I had figured out for myself. I had to wonder what else I was missing. It turns out there was a lot I did not know. The idea of watching a demo video was very appealing, much more than an ebook or going to the book store to find a book of 300+ pages when I knew only a few pages would have useful information. The video sounded really good to me and it was easy to watch and would not take as long as reading a book.


I was convinced that this was a good program, at least convinced enough to buy it for $117 at the Adsense Decoded Website


After I paid I received login information for a secure site where I could watch the videos that explained Adsense. Patrick Hilenbrand(the creator of the program) explained what I would learn in the introduction video.

In the following videos he explains his techniques including shots of his own adsense account. The first part of the actual lesson shows his account making $2 per day and taking 100 hits, then when he started using his 'techniques' the next day his account jumps to $500 per day. Not a bad amount to make every day automatically right? Then you also notice his impressions go to 12,000 per day from 100. That is a big jump so what happened there? He explains later in his videos that he used pay per click traffic from other sources, not just google, to drive traffic to his site.


There were ten videos total, averaging 10 minutes each.


The production value was not on par with Star Wars III but that did not matter because I was there for information not entertainment.







Patrick oddly never explains what this traffic costs him. So he is making $289 per day but what is it costing him? $500 per day $1000 per day? It is possible he could have setup this program on how to make money, lost money for all of the 10 days in his example and then used that as his money making technique. He shows you how to make money but fails to mention his expenses so he could have lost money every day. That is never explained and that bothered me.


He is offering a money making system, explains how to make money, but never reveals what his expenses were.


I tried this system and found that the pay per click sources he recommended were very poor at generating clicks. Patrick never says what keywords he used to drive traffic to his sites either. When I bought popular terms(on Google) on these other ppc sites, I received very few click throughs. A $75 deposit to one of them lasted a week. On Google it would not have lasted a day. I did not have any conversions from the click throughs either(no buyers). So the traffic was slow and there was no money generated from his recommended PPC services. Also, the services seemed to be run very poorly. I setup an account, then it had to be approved which took days. Then if I changed my ad, it had to be approved again which meant it was not running and it took two days before it was approved. It was impossible to test anything with these delays. The sites also gave no information about click through rates, impressions, or anything else. They just said You got X clicks so we charged you Y. I had no way to determine how many impressions my ads received, Was I shown 10,000 times to get 10 clicks or 20 times? No way to tell. I don't care much for the PPC recommendations.

I will stick with Google Adwords and when I have a good ad with them, I may try his PPC sites again.


I think he could have revealed more about what he actually did and felt that some information was held back.


His technique of creating article sites might work but I have not found success with it yet.





Some of his recommendations are simple and could potentially be found on the Internet but he does add some credibility to them by showing how they are used and you can see that his methods of locating, coloring, and laying out pages for google ad works because it just makes sense.


Patrick offers a 56 day money back guarantee so it is not a risky offer and his payment processor is a well known company so no real worries about that. I did not take advantage of the offer because I felt I got my money's worth from the system. At 117.00 I only have to generate an extra dollar a day before it is paid for using his methods. The additional marketing information and pointers to a number of sites was also helpful. I might have found these sites on my own but when I tried to search, I found hundreds of sites and had no way of knowing which were the top sites that were used by experienced marketers. Patrick does give his picks which helps narrow down which PPC engines to pay attention to.


He does give some more marketing information that will be useful to beginning internet marketers.


He also debunks some myths. We have all heard of those magic adsense words that pay $5 or $10 per click. They do exist but you will never make money from them and Patrick explains why. That was good to know and I had never thought about his reasons before.


He also explains why linkfarm sites will not make you money which is good to know so you can avoid those spam messages offering such linkback services.


Final Result


The Adsense Decoded system gets 3 out of 5 Boxes because it does have a lot of useful information in it but you cannot follow this system and make the $200 to $300 per day he implies. If you already have a website that is taking hits and no adsense ads, this video could really help you out.

This is a system for people who know nothing about adsense. I suppose you could buy a book on Adsense but if you are like me, you don't have time to read a whole book and Patrick has compiled the important stuff into simple demonstration videos which make it clear what he is doing and where to go do duplicate what he did. The videos really do make it easy and fast to learn how adsense works .


All in all, I learned a lot and encourage you to check out their site:

Checkout the Adsense Decoded Website for yourself


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