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This website lists reviews of various products I have tried or tested. None of the reviews are presented as exhaustive tests. They are based on my personal testing which is not scientific.


This site is ad supported. Clicking  on  the  ads will help generate money which I can use to purchase other products to review.


I sometimes receive requests to review products which are sent to me for free. Here is my experience: I received a request to review a memory and reading product(I already have several such reviews because it interests me) and the manufacturer sent a free copy to me for review. After I received it, I realized it was junk which put me in a bad position. I now had someone sending me a freebie and if I reviewed it, the review would be really bad. It was nothing more than some general advice and a copy of their 80's infomercial they were trying to pass off as educational. The review would have really been bad. I returned the product to the manufacturer and did not post any review. After that experience I have established a new rule that I will not accept any freebies for review. I will purchase them myself or wait until I receive them as a gift from someone unrelated to the company(ie from my family or friends at Xmas). So if you have a product you would like reviewed, you can let me know but I will not accept a free review copy. If I am interested, I will purchase it as a regular customer.



If you are thinking of offering a bribe for your product to receive a #1 rating, then expect your request to be posted here too.


If you have questions about any of the products reviewed on the site, please contact the manufacturers. We cannot provide specific answers regarding features or compatability that is not already listed in the review.

We receive a large amount of email but will try to respond to as many as we can. We cannot answer specific questions about products reviewed, please contact the companies directly with questions about shipping or features.

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