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I am surprised bidet's are not standard in American bathrooms!

With our preoccupation with cleanliness and germs, this seems like a no brainer. This style of this toilet add-on version is much better than the European bidets which are separate bowls. This toilet attachment model means you do not have to get up from the toilet and do not have a second bowl to clean and no additional plumbing needed. I love it. When I travel or go to a friend's house I always miss using my bidet and am glad to return home to it.

This is not my first one either. I purchased another less expensive model from another company to try it out and see if I liked it. It worked, but it shot a stream that was too strong. It would either be off or you would turn the knob and suddenly it would shoot out at high power and you had to quickly back it off so I had to drill holes in the sprayer to make them bigger so it was not painful or dangerous to visitors when it suddenly shot out a stream of water unexpectedly after turning the knob part of a turn and getting no result. The cheap bidet also broke because the back mounting plate was raised slightly so sitting on the toilet seat over and over eventually broke it.

I moved to a new house and took my bidet with me. The problem was when I tried to install it. The cheap plastic tubing would not stay in place and popped off making a mess. I needed a new bidet but after realizing how indispensable it was I was willing to upgrade to a nicer version so I got the Luxe Bidet.

This one came with metal hose connectors and metal braided hoses. The back mounting plate is well thought out because it should fit any toilet no matter what the spacing is for the bolts. It also sits flat against the bowl and I have seen no signs of cracking. The sprayer pops down and sprays much more smoothly than the cheap bidet I had before so I do not have to turn it way up then down quickly. I can turn the knob as you would expect to produce a desirable stream pressure.

There are two knobs. I always get a question from guests, “what do the knobs do”. One is the one you use to clean yourself. It sends a spray of cleaning water out and you adjust your posterior to clean. Then you use toilet paper to dry off. It is a much cleaner process and I use 1/5 the toilet paper I used to. The stream is easily adjustable by the knob so you can make it stronger or milder. When the sprayer is not in use, it disappears behind a little plastic screen. My old cheaper bidet did not have the screen so it eventually built up stains from the water that made it look dirty. Ugh. The screen on this unit is a great idea.

The second knob is for cleaning. I have never needed to use it. Perhaps I should read the instructions again but it is working fine so I have had no need to even use it.

In reading other reviews before making my purchase decision the idea of heated water was brought up. I don't see how it would be beneficial to use heated water. For one thing, you have to run a new water line or use an instant water heater at the toilet. Why bother when you already have the toilet water line right there. Then you have no temperature control so it would go from cool to hot anyway. This unit is clearly designed for cold water and that is the best choice. Even if you did run hot water to it, by the time the water heated up you would be finished with your business so there is no reason to have hot water on a bidet. The cool water is not cold anyway. It is room temperature and nicely refreshing. Don't waste your time with a hot-water version. You just don't need it.

Universal mount is flat so it will remain in place and not flex when people sit on the toilet. The flip open cover normally stays closed and the nozzle drops down below it to spray then retracts to the not in use position.


The Luxe Bidet 120 ships with high quality water lines that have metal ends and metal braided cable. They are also LONG which really helps during the installation.


The cleaning function in action cleans the nozzle behind the cover.


Installation was very easy. Far easier with the long hoses supplied with the 120 model than with my previous cheap model which had short hoses that barely stretched to connect. All I had to do was turn the knob to turn off the water. Unscrew the connector at the toilet side, attach the T connector and the hoses, then turn the water on. Easy.


There is a 120 and a 180 version. The 180 has a male and female spray setting option.

I liked my bidet so much I got one for my mother and now she loves hers too.

I still have no clue why one of these is not in every American bathroom. They should be. I have one in every bathroom. If you want a great experience and to be cleaner get one of these. You can check out the reviews on Amazon here:






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